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The 2010 “It Project”, celebrating its third anniversary, expects an increase of number in its applicants as well as more diversity in its participating countries, in comparison to last year. Since it is not limited to countries in Asia, the “It Project” shows the diversity in nationalities, as there are participants coming from America and Europe. It is expected that this will add more vibrant color to the 2010 “It Project”. This year, out of 74 applicants, we selected 15 official projects from 8 countries, based on the uniqueness of the topic, the product as a whole or how complete it is, and their ability to commercialize and gain popularity, a new standard added this year. It was notable that there were many 3D projects, and projects co-produced internationally, reflecting the current tendency of movie industry. Also, compared to the previous tendency in which applicants focused on horror and thriller genres, this year there were projects with genres that mixed horror and thriller with comedy or romance. In short, the selection team expects that each and every official selection period through the “It Project,” will give way for applicants to satisfyingly improve and complete their products, as well as contribute as the stepping stones for the developing of more film genres.
It Project Meeting
For the projects selected at NAFF’s It Project, along with Taiwan Project Spotlight, one-on-one business meeting opportunities are guaranteed with Korean and international movie industry decision-makers.
During the four-day session, the meeting room will provide presenting space for all projects. In the room, the participants will sit with film investors and/or producers that are pre-arranged by It Project team, to maximize the possibilities in developing the submissions into an actual production. The duration of each meeting is 30 minutes except for meeting with the juries and post-production sponsors.
It Project promises a firsthand unique experience and an effective system that allows individuals to discuss collaboration with producers for an actual film production, as well as funding options. The event also allows individuals to explore the possibilities of future joint production and investments.
Period Monday, 19 - Thursday, 22 July, 2010
Time 10:00 - 18:00 (except 10:00-13:00 on July 22)
Venue Grand Ballroom, 3F Koryo Hotel Bucheon
Pitching & Luncheon
This year, It Project prepared a special Pitching & Luncheon session to actively promote Korean film projects. Six selected Korean project will present their films to a roomful of investors from all over the world with the luncheon to follow afterwards to provide additional exchanging ground among participants.
Period Monday, 19 July, 2010
Time 11:30 - 13:30
Venue Crystal Room, 4F Koryo Hotel Bucheon